We believe the Bible is God's Word; therefore we work hard to teach the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. Our normal method of teaching is called expositional teaching; which is a form of teaching that focuses on the historical and grammatical context of the Bible. Once a Bible passage is explained and understood in proper context, then the principles contained in the text can be applied to our lives.
Another aspect of our teaching here at Calvary Marysville is that we attempt to always preach the gospel from whatever passage we are studying. We believe every portion of scripture is a launching pad to proclaim the greatest message we will ever hear; that God loves people, and even while still sinners, Christ died so we could have true life. This message is what the whole Bible is all about, and we look for every opportunity to declare this powerful message. It's all about Jesus!

"God uses the simple teaching of the Bible and preaching of the gospel to help restore our sin-broken lives!"

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"Restoring lives

through Jesus"

We desire to see God restore sin-broken lives. Therefore we work hard to teach the Bible, preach the gospel, and facilitate fellowship and prayer. Our heart is that you too will find life-restoration through Jesus!

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