***Sunday's live streams can be found here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOLBOJ8TMNaZPQj77crv4Q***

Our vision here at Calvary Marysville is to simply teach the Bible so God's people can grow in their faith. The more we learn and understand God's Word, the more we learn and understand God. We are diligent in our method of teaching the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter so we don't miss a thing! Here are the recordings of our Sunday and Wednesday messages.

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Beautiful Conference:
Workshop 1 - Michelle: https://soundcloud.com/calvarychapelmarysville/beautiful-conference-workshop-1-michelle
Teaching 1 - Seen By Love - Michelle: https://soundcloud.com/calvarychapelmarysville/beautiful-conference-teaching-1-seen-by-love-michelle
Panel - Laurie, Tonnah, Sue: https://soundcloud.com/calvarychapelmarysville/beautiful-conference-panel-discussion-1
Teaching 2 - Seen By Grace - Sheryl:https://soundcloud.com/calvarychapelmarysville/beautiful-conference-seen-by-grace-sheryl

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