Use the information below to help plan your first visit with us.


Connect through serving

Growth and discipleship happens when we regularly connect with other people in the church. One of the ways to get connected is to start helping where there are needs. If you come for potluck, stay till the end and help put tables and chairs away. Are you outgoing? Join the greeting team. Do you like food? Talk to Pat and join the Hospitality team. Are you more of a behind the scenes type person? Talk to Pat or John and join the facilities cleaning team, or John about special projects around the church. If you have been faithfully attending for 6 months or so and you love kids, talk to Samantha and join the Children Ministry team.

So your kids can connect

Kids need discipleship too because our children are extremely precious to us! Our children's ministry (Calvary Kids) is not just about child care, but instead it is a place where each child is individually known, loved and taught about God in a way they can understand. On Sundays and Wednesdays, we have children's classes from 0 to 5th grade. Contact Samantha for more information.


So your teens can connect

Get your teen connected with other teens so they can learn the Bible, worship Jesus and make friends in the church. We have an awesome youth ministry that is lovingly designed to encourage your teen and help them grow in their faith! Ignite Youth Chrurch meets on Tuesday nights at 7pm in the sanctuary. Matt and Michelle Brister are the leaders.

So the guys can connect

Guys need a place to come and be real with other guys. Every quarter we have a Connect group for men only. Check the front page to see when and where! Contact Joel for more information.


So the ladies can connect

Sometimes it's hard for ladies to get to know each other. There's no better way to break the ice than by studying the Bible together. Whether you are studious and diligent to do the Bible study homework, or it's all you can do to just show up, this group is for you! The women's connect group usually meets on Thursday evenings for teaching, fellowship and prayer. For more information please contact Samantha.
Small Groups 

Connect Groups

Our connect groups meet quarterly, roughly about 3 months on, and one month off. Sometimes they meet in homes, sometimes here at the church building. Check out the front page for the latest info on Connect Groups!